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Moving Tips in Orland Park, Illinois

  1. The more prepared you are to move, the faster and easier the move will be.
  1. Empty any items out of dressers, chests, desks, etc. other than clothing. Overloading of these pieces is not safe for the furniture.
  1. Make sure all boxes have closed tops, so they can be stacked in the truck.
  1. Generous use of paper in the packing process will protect all your fragile items. No boxes should rattle.
  1. Any items that are broken or starting to break will not be insured against further cracking. Any items with loose parts, ie.: handles, knobs, should be removed before moving so they don't get lost.
  1. All stereo equipment, VCR's, and other electronic equipment should be disconnected and boxed prior to moving, or moved by the homeowner.
  1. Any irreplaceable, high value, or fragile items should be packed professionally or moved by the homeowner.
  1. Please do not apply any furniture polish to your furniture prior to moving, it will cause the furniture to be too slippery to carry.
  1. Because of insurance restrictions our men are not allowed to go into attics and crawlspaces, so customers should have all items out of those areas.
  1. All waterbeds should be completely drained. It is recomended that a pump is rented for this process. The mattress should be empty enough for one man to carry, otherwise the mattress could be damaged.
  1. During the winter months all walkways should be shoveled clear of snow, otherwise our men will need to clear the walk at our hourly moving rate.
  1. Shrink wrapping and Mattress bags are available with your move.
  1. Carpet Tac, adhesive plastic carpet protection, can be provided at a cost of $25/50'
  1. We sell packing supplies that can be picked up at our Orland Park, IL. facility for the self-packer.
  1. (Call for Pricing)